The Masterpiece Series has been the internal road map for quite some years at Vitus Audio.

The Vitus engineers have spent a long time developing the two chassis MP-L201 supreme line stage. After this big achievement, it was clear that the team had to take a serious look at a replacement for the SL-101 and SL-102 Line Stage.

They didn’t expect that the improvement in performance would be so dramatic. After hours of refining, a brand new design was born in the form of the Vitus Audio SL-103, based on the technologies of the renowned MP-L201.

All Vitus Audio line stages contain a full bypass feature. This allows external surround processors to take full control of the volume when used in a multichannel system.

The Vitus Audio SL-103 Line Stage is a true balanced design. This extreme unit offers 2 unbalanced and 3 balanced inputs and outputs.

When Used in conjunction with a pair of SM-011 monaural power amplifiers, the Vitus Audio SL-103 is a genuine world-class preamplifier and one which utterly transforms the way you listen to music.

The size of the soundstage and the scale of the sound is huge, with life-like dynamics which will get you closer to a live musical performance than ever before.

It has incredible tonal balance with vocal accuracy so palpable you’ll question everything you’ve ever heard previously.

Technical Specification:

Input XLR analogue RCA analogue
Available 3 2
Sensitivity select 2/4/8 VRMS 2/4/8 VRMS
Impedance 10 KΩ 10 KΩ
Output XLR Analogue RCA Analogue BP Out
Available 2 2 1
Impedance 75 Ω 75 Ω
Frequency response +800kHz +800kHz
Signal to noise ratio >110dB >110dB
THD + noise < 0,01% < 0,01%
Power Consumption
Standby <1W
Operation 50W
Volume Control
Type Relay controlled fixed resistor network
Gain -91.5dB to +18dB
Width 435mm
Height 135mm
Depth 402mm
Weight 25 kg


Black, Champagne, Silver, White


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