Acustica Applicata

Through our own experiences of home demonstrations with clients, we have learned how important room acoustic treatment is for improving the enjoyment of listening to music or enjoying a movie. Sounds played in a room with reflective surfaces will reverberate and have a detrimental impact on your listening pleasure.

We were introduced to room treatment specialists Acustica Applicata in 2021, having identified that our recently recommissioned demonstration room was having a negative impact on sound reproduction.

How Acustica Applicata products can impact the acoustics of any room

Acustica Applicata provide an Acoustic Treatment Plan or Room Map service and helps identify what Acustica Applicata products are needed for your room, and where to locate them. You will need to provide detailed measurements of the room and further details are available by following the link above.

Room treatment can have a profound impact on the performance of your system and should be considered as a key upgrade solution. In some cases, investing money in Acustica Applicata room treatment will provide the greatest performance gain compared to an audio component upgrade.

Testimonial from a longstanding customer:

"I have now had the DaaD Series on home demonstration for two weeks. I am lucky in that I have a dedicated Hi-Fi room and some good equipment which itself has been upgraded many times over the years. I am unlucky in having this equipment in a small room, roughly 11’ x 8’. I very much doubted that (a) the DaaD system would fit in the room and (b) that it would be a cost effective upgrade. Suffice to say that after hours of listening I am certain that this acoustic treatment has delivered the best upgrade in SQ that I have ever made. My son listened. He said “Dad, it’s like you are in the second row of the stalls” I concur. Awesome."