Perlisten Audio

Perlisten was founded in 2016 and is a relative newcomer to the specialist audio market. Within the first four years Perlisten achieved something that no other brand had done to date, gaining THX Dominus Certification. Based in Verona, Wisconsin in the USA, Perlisten Audio is the brainchild of Daniel Roemer and Lars Johansen, both of whom have a wealth of knowledge and experience within the audio industry.

Perlisten’s unique DPC Array along with the ultra-lightweight TPCD domes and Textreme carbon fibre drivers deliver an audio experience that provides depth of sound stage, emotion and scale. Whether you are a music lover or a movie buff or simply wish to experience content on another level then Perlisten speakers are an absolute must to experience.

The history behind Perlisten speakers and subwoofers

Dan Roemer’s career began over 25 years ago in the corporate technology advanced research group, applying new methods of measuring and modelling acoustical and mechanical systems for NHT, Acoustic Research and Advent. Dan is now consulting for many brands across many categories within the audio community, both high end as well as car audio.

Lars has been in the Consumer Electronics trade since the late 1980’s and has worked with high-profile brands. He held a Management position at Harman International 1990–99. He has also been involved in manufacturing Danish Peerless high-end speaker components and later as sales director for Danish Sound Technologies.

Dan and Lars’ experience and exacting standards have created a benchmark so that all Perlisten speakers and subwoofers are built to the highest industry standards. All components utilised in creating the Perceptual Listening experience are specific to Perlisten Audio, all products are designed and engineered from the ground up to work with each other and built to give the best possible performance.

What Our Customers Say

“Without a doubt, you are my supplier of choice now and in the future and I’m really looking forward to popping in and meeting you all. Thanks again!“