Harbeth Speakers

Our relationship with Harbeth begun in 2022, following a home visit to a client in Lindfield, West Sussex. During our third visit to Lindfield and completion of the installation of a newly purchased hi-fi system, our client reminded us of their close proximity of the Harbeth factory. With an hour to spare, an unannounced visit was made to the Harbeth factory, where a warm welcome was waiting.

Alan Shaw graciously provided a tour of the facilities, introducing us to his enthusiastic team and explaining in passionate detail the processes involved in producing a loudspeaker designed and built to the standards expected of one displaying the Harbeth logo.

Why we stock Harbeth Speakers

As many of you will know, we take great care here at Home Media with the selection of new demonstration stock to present to you, our customers and friends. Performance and value for money are two key criteria that we understand are important to you – and both are provided in abundance as far as Harbeth speakers are concerned.

If the Harbeth sound was bottled, it would be labelled as “an airy taste with delicate layers of flavour with texture”.

We have the following Harbeth loudspeakers in stock and available for demonstration:

  • P3ESR
  • C7ES-3 XD
  • M30.2 XD
  • SHL5plus XD
  • M40.3 XD

What Our Customers Say

Without a doubt, you are my supplier of choice now and in the future and I’m really looking forward to popping in and meeting you all. Thanks again!