Bathroom Lighting Design

Whatever the size, shape and layout of your bathroom, the simple magic of the right lighting configuration can transform from a drab, only-fit-for-purpose room to an inviting space you and your family will want to spend more time in. Give the illusion of more space, accentuate your favourite design features (or flatter those you wish to detract focus from), adapt the tone for relaxing evening baths and energising morning showers alike, and more; that clean, luxurious feel may only be the flip of a switch away.

Bathroom ceiling lights and much more

Any lighting installation plan in your bathroom, as with any other room in the home, should work smart, not just hard. A functional room like a bathroom is not the place for misplaced lighting, causing areas of shadow or unflattering brightness. Considered designs will take into account natural light sources such as windows and skylights – as well as features and fixtures like mirrors, baths, showers and sinks where usable light is required at any time of day – to establish the optimal placement of light fittings for practicality as well as aesthetics. 'More is not always more' – every room is different, and your design should complement your layout and usage.

Talk to our experts about our bathroom lighting ideas

Visually maximise the available space with the right highlights and low lights, creating the illusion of depth… accentuate features you’re most proud of with spotlights… adjust the levels to suit your mood with dimmers… brighten up with mirror lighting to facilitate make up application and shaving… and have you considered automated bathroom lighting? Intuitive, working alongside curtains and blinds or on a timer to wake up when you do, triggered by motion sensors… the opportunities really are endless. What does your ideal setup look, and feel, like? Get in touch and discuss and we’ll get to work on a design that is tailored to you, start by giving us a call on 01622 676703 and we'll illuminate you.