Customer Service at Home Media

Customer service isn’t rocket science. There, we’ve said it! It’s about having a genuine, kind and understanding nature with enthusiasm and desire to help find a suitable end result to satisfy the needs of the customer.

How do we translate this in to a practice at Home Media? We begin by listening to you and what it is that you are looking for. Our team will then apply their experience and knowledge to your ideas and expand upon them where necessary. In some cases, our customers find themselves taking a different path and purchasing products that they may never have considered as a result of conversation and demonstration.

Whatever the outcome, our approach will allow you to feel 100% comfortable in the decision that you reach. We often jokingly comment that we have a ‘no refund policy’ which can be met with a frown, until the message is better understood… We never put our customers in the position of doubt or feeling unhappy with their chosen purchase.

Should your cherished purchase require repair during the warranty period, we will endeavour to keep your system working by offering you the loan of a similar product whilst your faulty product is repaired (subject to availability).

As a result of our balanced approach, we frequently receive repeat custom as well as recommendations from existing customers. Due to the specialist nature of how we do business, we attract people from a wide catchment area throughout the south east of England.