Luxury kitchen design featuring TV, music and more

Considered by many to be the heart of the home, our kitchens are an important part room to most of us. Budding gourmet chefs, eager amateur bakers and reluctant, functional cooks alike – if you’re after an upgrade, chat to Home Media about luxury kitchen design and installation in Maidstone, Kent and surrounding locations.

Our team are seasoned pros with the know-how to recommend the best ingredients on offer to create your dream kitchen; chat to us about what you require, and we’ll create a masterpiece in no time, including audio-visual capabilities, lighting options and much more. We’re ready when you are – give us a call on 01622 676703 to begin your design.

Listen as you cook with an industry leading kitchen speaker system

Are you someone that enjoys whipping up a culinary feast? Batch cooker or family baker? Or a very basic chef? Either way, with the right high-tech speaker system in your kitchen, you can take your kitchen experience to the next level!

With your tunes playing, cooking is rarely a chore, and your kitchen could become your new favourite entertainment room – or the ideal space to listen to an audiobook with a cuppa. Speakers might also solve the problem of trying to hear the video cooking tutorial over the sound of the oven and bubbling pots and pans…

Speak to us about the possibilities of a wirelessly connected kitchen speaker system today.

Guarantee functionality and ambience with expert kitchen lighting design

For some, the kitchen is more than just a space for heating food or popping the kettle on – it’s also a place for gathering family or friends. So, it stands to reason that such a multi-functionality space could benefit from carefully considered expert lighting design.

Our kitchen lighting experts can curate a system to brighten the room fully when you need to be able to see what you’re doing, but that can set the right mood for afternoons baking with the family, dinner times, evening drinks, or simply catching up over a coffee.

Let us know how you want to use your kitchen and we’ll book in a home visit and start creating an illuminating kitchen lighting design.