Transforming outdoor living spaces with outdoor home cinema and more

Every garden is meant to be relished and when any outdoor space is twinned with the right technology it can drastically enhance your enjoyment, come rain or shine. Host dreamy garden parties sound tracked by your favourite tunes, enjoy your favourite TV alfresco, or create the perfectly lit ambience to escape from the hustle and bustle in your own private oasis. Whatever your outdoor entertainment needs, the Home Media team can support your garden transformation.

Experts in outdoor tv and garden entertainment

Coming in all shapes and sizes, gardens weren’t necessarily designed to be the ideal amphitheatre for watching sports, movies and binge-watching TV. Outdoor TVs and entertainment have hugely grown in popularity over the years, as has our expertise in installing bespoke solutions. From finding the perfect space to fit your TV to ensuring the sound can be delivered to viewers without distortion, the Home Media team can create amazing cinematic experiences in your back yard.

Delivering the perfect garden and outdoor speaker system

Gardens are not like rooms in your house where you have perfect stillness to cultivate the perfect music environment, there are atmospheric issues that can play havoc with how your system performs. Our experts will work with any space to create the perfect outdoor speaker system that can balance  your love of nature with creating the perfect entertainment environment to allow you to listen to your favourite tunes at their very best in your garden.

Bespoke garden lighting design and ideas

Getting out in the garden and living a more outdoor life is a joy, but without the right lighting it can be treacherous and unenjoyable. Home Media can help you install garden lighting that doesn’t just make your garden safer when the sun sets but also delivers the perfect ambience for any occasion. With every space having its unique challenges, our team are experts in designing the dream solution to accent focal points and fully automate your outdoor lighting experience.

Whatever your garden and your budget, the Home Media can design the perfect solutions so give us a call and book a home visit today on 01622 676703.