Bathroom TV Installation in Maidstone, Kent

Home entertainment has never been more immersive and with a TV screen expertly installed in your bathroom, you can soak up all the drama from your favourite soaps, and more, onscreen while you scrub up in the tub... what could be more luxurious? Bathroom TVs are built for purpose, to withstand the warmth and moisture created by baths, sinks and showers (much like outdoor equipment is created to be weatherproof) and provide the same clarity, features and functions you would expect from any high-quality piece of visual equipment. We can advise on the best spec for your room as well as expertly install all the necessary kit from the ground up – just get in touch and we'll arrange a site visit. 

Talk to us for great Bathroom TV ideas

Gone are the days when the need for a bath or shower – or the toilet – gets in the way of you watching your favourite shows in the moment. Talk to us about your viewing habits and we'll work with you on great bathroom TV ideas to take your entertainment experience to the next level – and make your life simpler. Safety is always a factor when moisture and electronics are at play, but with more waterproof TV and speaker options available than ever, you can be confident the bathroom entertainment system we design and build for you will stand the test of time, no matter how steamy the room gets. Let us advise on the best products on the market that will suit your bathroom and transform the time you spend in there.

Hide your Bathroom TV as a mirror

Maximising space is key to any successful design, so why not combine luxurious entertainment capabilities with discreet design, with a bathroom TV that doubles up as a mirror? When not in use, your screen all but disappears, replaced by what visibly acts as a normal functioning mirror, flat or flush to your wall or cabinet, creating the illusion of more light in the room and of course, facilitating with your normal bathroom routine with a flawless reflection. At the touch of a button the mirror transforms into stunning picture quality, providing you with all your streaming capabilities and features at your fingertips.

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