Clearaudio turntables for sale in Maidstone, Kent

Little is known of German turntable specialist Clearaudio and yet is one our most aspirational brands and commands immense pride of ownership. Clearaudio is a family owned business and based in the town of Erlangen, which is just 25 minutes north of Nürnberg, Germany. The company was founded in 1978 with its first product being a loudspeaker named Delta.

Performance, design and attention to detail is at the heart of the company’s philosophy and our Simon was given the opportunity to visit their facility during December 2019. The quality of the workmanship is easy to see in the design of every product the company produce.
Did you know…
Some of the turntable cartridges feature no less than 12 magnets within the body? An amazing achievement considering the tiny form factor.

It takes a skilled technician 20 hours to assemble the flagship Statement TT1 tonearm.
The Ceramic Magnetic Bearing featured on all Innovation turntables (designed to support the weighty turntable platter) is a work of art in itself. The cleaver design produces minimal friction enabling the platter to rotate freely.

Such is our love for the brand, you find the following Clearaudio products displayed at our showroom patiently awaiting bringing music to your ears. Our demonstration stock includes:

  • Cartridges: Stradivari V2 MC, Talismann V2 Gold
  • Tonearms: TT3 (Phono socket version), Tracer
  • Turntables - Innovation, Innovation Compact, Performance DC, Concept Active
  • Record Cleaning Machines - Smart Matrix Silent
  • Other models available upon request

What Our Customers Say

It’s been a pleasure dealing with you and you provided valuable advice re the spacer and a great customer experience.