Luxury bathroom design and installation with TV, music & more

If your bathroom could use a bit of attention, why not make this the time to consider the endless possibilities of a luxury bathroom design and installation from the Home Media experts in Maidstone and Kent? For some a room of necessity, for others a haven of relaxation, whatever you have in mind to upgrade your bathroom – from adding music functionality for the perfect calming (or rousing!) ambience, to installing a TV screen so you can enjoy your favourite shows while you soak in the bath, we can make it happen.

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Enjoy your favourite music while relaxing with quality bathroom speakers

Whether you’re a fan of a long, relaxing, warm bath or it’s showers all the way, setting the perfect tone for your bathroom is effortless with the right music. Let us recommend the right audio equipment for your room – such as discreet, in-ceiling speakers which are designed to be safe, moisture proof, and durable enough for these spaces that are in near constant use.

With Bluetooth connectivity, you can stream your music wirelessly and control volume and more on your smart device from the comfort of the bath (or before you step into a refreshing shower).

Our experts can design and plan your bathroom music system from top to bottom… all you need to do is get your wake-up, or wind-down, playlist ready!

Create the perfect ambience with expert bathroom lighting

The right lighting can make a real difference to the ambience of any room; your bathroom is a space that you use every day, so why not enjoy the ability to set a calming, cosy, or energising vibe throughout the area with expertly designed and installed bathroom lighting?

First step is to consider what time of tone you would want based on your habits and usage – for a calm environment, could dimmer functionality create the perfect scene for a long bath? Or do you need downlights to provide some extra ‘get up and go’ in the morning?

Speak to the Home Media team about what you’re hoping to achieve, and we can make the right recommendations for design and equipment.