DS Audio Optical Cartridges and Equalisers for Sale in Maidstone, Kent

DS Audio optical cartridges are one the most exciting analogue product ranges to grace our shelves in years and redefine how vinyl records sound. Increased dynamics and frequency response, combined with agility that produces a tighter bass and a cleaner musical presentation. The optical cartridge technology features zero noise floor, which is very welcome too.

Optical cartridges were introduced over 40 years ago. The main reason why they disappeared from the market is that during the 1970s development resources of major companies shifted from analogue to the digital product R&D, namely Compact Disc. Heat from traditional lamps used to generate the light source available during this period was also a factor in the demise of the technology. Winding forward to the present day, modern LED lamps are devoid of heat, enabling the reintroduction of the optical cartridge technology. Do not assume that the audio signal is digital because of the use of a light source, the signal remains as an analogue waveform.

The DS Audio optical cartridges for sale in Maidstone, Kent, here at Home Media have an output or approximately 40 mV, which is about 10 to 100 times higher than moving magnet and moving coil cartridges, so high output can be achieved from an extremely low mass system. This is an advantage over traditional cartridges which require a very low voltage to pass through the tonearm wires, becoming vulnerable to interference and signal loss.

We encourage you to experience the improvements for yourself and rediscover your prized record collection, with greater detail than ever before…

Our demonstration stock includes: 

  • Optical Cartridge & Equaliser Packages: DS-E1, DS-003, DS-W2
  • Eccentricity Stabilizer: ES-001
Other models may be available upon request

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