Home Cinema

Home Cinema is an experience to be enjoyed by all ages. A correctly installed ‘surround sound system’ will immerse you within the storyline of your favourite movies, heightening your senses and enhancing your viewing pleasure.

With the recent technology advancements, online services such as iPlayer, Amazon Prime and Netflix are commonly featured on Smart TV’s, Freeview and satellite receivers, providing easy access to a wide variety of movies and Television shows, and at time that is convenient for you.

 Should you visit our showroom with a view to purchasing a home cinema system, we may ask a few questions concerning the placement of Television and furniture. Such questions assist our team in making informed product recommendations that suit your needs and environment.

We apply the same approach to our portfolio of home cinema products as applied to our Hi-Fi product range, every product within our showroom is here with good reason.

Once the system components have been agreed, it is then you have the choice to install the system yourself or utilise our services and have the system professionally installed.


Choosing a new Hi-Fi system or product upgrade is a very enjoyable experience, discovering delicate passages within your music collection that you never knew existed. For some individuals, it can be difficult to decide upon a product, due to the choice of quality components. That’s where we come in…

Our product portfolio is carefully selected with consideration given to sonic performance, build quality, value for money and back up support in the event of a fault developing. Our qualified approach to careful product selection gives reassurance to our customers that Home Media is a deserved destination.


With a large increase in the production of vinyl records, the demand for turntables has increased. We have several models available for demonstration from brands such as SME, Clearaudio, Michell Engineering, Gold Note and Rega.

Not only has analogue music grown in popularity, the demand to stream digitally stored music has increased greatly too. Online music services provide access to an almost unlimited variety of artists and music genre from throughout the decades. The ability to ‘rip’ or record an entire CD collection on to a hard drive not only gives easy access to your music collection, but also frees up precious space in the home.