Chord Electronics for sale in Maidstone, Kent

Located just 3 ½ miles from our Maidstone showroom is The Pumphouse, home to the renowned Chord Electronics, producers of some of the finest audio products available today. Founded in 1989, Chord Electronics products first appeared on our shelves in 2004 and during this time we have demonstrated and installed a variety of Chord Electronics products. Latterly the partnership of Innuos music servers and Chord DAC’s has been well received by music lovers throughout the Kent region.

Chord Electronics styling is beautiful and bold and easily identifiable from a distance. From ball bearing push buttons for changing an input on an amplifier to heavy duty spring loaded doors fitted on a CD Player, your first engagement with a Chord Electronics piece of audio equipment remains with you, leaving an impression embedded within your memory bank.

When it comes to technology, Chord Electronics are constantly pushing the boundaries in the quest to produce a sound that is neutral with great scale and honesty, enabling you to hear exactly what’s embedded within the recording without colouration.

Such is our love for the brand, you’ll find a selection of products displayed at our showroom patiently awaiting bringing music to your ears. Our demonstration stock includes:

  • DAC’s: DAVE, Hugo TT2, Qutest, Mojo
  • Integrated Amplifiers: CPM3350, CPM2800 MKII
  • Stereo Power Amplifiers: TToby
  • Upscaler: Hugo M-Scaler
Other models may be available upon request

What Our Customers Say

I’d like to thank Simon for his help in resolving an issue, nothing was too much trouble. I heartily recommend him and his shop to any prospective customers.