Bedroom Lighting Design

While the bedroom is the room where we spend a large proportion of our time sleeping, we believe it can achieve so much more when you set the right ambiance with bedroom lighting design from the experts at Home Media. Lighting design of course delivers on a practical level, but with careful consideration and a touch of expertise, a space previously reduced to simply 'lights on, lights off' can be transformed into a cosy retreat in which to unwind in the early evenings, a bright and fresh space in which to indulge in lazy weekend mornings, or your new favourite spot to relax with a book, music or TV. Whatever your vision for your bedroom, we can help to set the right tone with bespoke lighting design. Our solutions work around your room, your lifestyle, and your budget to deliver on all levels, including functionality, simplicity, aesthetics and tone.

Illuminate your bedroom with bespoke lighting ideas

When it comes to your dream bedroom, many of us have a fair idea of how that might look in terms of colour, layout, furniture and more... but it's not always easy to integrate complementary lighting into that mix. The right lighting can enhance any space; more than simply providing practical brightness, a considered design solution can highlight (or hide) distinctive features, set a range of different tones based on your mood and preference, give the illusion of more (or less) space and so much more besides. As part of a wider, integrated system, your lighting system can even work together with your curtains and blinds to give an intuitive experience that maximises natural light sources such as windows, doors and skylights and is controllable at the touch of a button. Gone is the need for switching each individual lamp on and off, one by one, twice a day, every day...

Allow our experts to create a custom lighting design for your bedroom

Possibly more than any other room in your home, your bedroom should deliver on more levels than just aesthetics... the place you lie your head down to rest should produce a sense of relaxation, allowing you to unwind and leave your worries behind long before it's time to sleep. That mood and tone can be achieved simply with an expert custom lighting design for your bedroom which can, and will, become much more than just the place you get your eight hours (if you're lucky!) of shut-eye.

Our experts have been creating bespoke solutions for bedrooms in clients' homes for years, transforming a variety of spaces of different shapes and sizes into relaxing, cosy havens and bright, airy retreats using the simple magic of lighting. The right configuration should be beautiful to look at, easy to use and intuitive to seamlessly enhance your lifestyle. Each room is different so 'one size does not fit all' – let us assess your space and talk through how you use it (or how you wish to), and we'll design and install a custom configuration to work around you.