“What a pleasure to deal with proper ‘old fashioned’ (that’s not a bad thing in my view) customer care and service from this company… I will definitely use Home Media for future purchases… as I value personal service and advice when purchasing bigger ticket items.”
“A great place to start and continue your hifi journey. They have a great selection and Simon is very knowledgeable and you can tell has great passion for what he does. Expect to enjoy your experience here you are in good hands. Also a special mention about the delivery for home testing, it’s just the icing on the cake and made for an much easier buying decision. Thanks guys.”
“John from Home Media recently upgraded our 20-year-old integrated HiFi system at Allington Castle. Ours is a very complex integrated system that feeds many rooms, and we’ve had several other companies give up on finding a solution. I’m thrilled we found John. He is very knowledgeable, and he took the time to understand our needs fully. Highly recommended!’”

Craig Bruun, Estate Manager, Allington Castle, Maidstone.

“As a first-time buyer, I wasn’t sure about what brands and equipment would work best with our current items at home – and hadn’t even thought of things like cables. The Home Media team took time to listen to what I was after and we ended up with an awesome turntable and accessories that we could ‘plug in and go’ – couldn’t have done it without them.”
“As the year is coming to its end, I would like to thank you everything you have done to help and advise me. The service I have received from you and Home Media has been the best I have received over the 45 years of buying HiFi equipment.“
“Just a quick note to thank you for organising the KEF tour yesterday. It was a memorable experience and I was both surprised very impressed to discover that so many of their high-end products are built here in Maidstone.
“The r&d was fascinating. To see and hear from the designers and engineers themselves their processes for bringing ever better products to market really did impress. The crowning glory for me though, was to hear the Blades in action. Sublime. I could hardly believe the detail and level of nuance particularly the saxophone on the second track. Gorgeous! Please can I have a copy of the play list? Finally, please pass on my thanks to the KEF team for their very generous hospitality and goodies bag.”
“Thank you for such professional service throughout whole buying process. I wish you all the success that such well ran businesses certainly deserves and enjoys.”


“Just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for the kind offer to let me try the R3’s first but I can very safely say that they are staying! I would struggle to tell you just how immense I think they are. I’ve run about 100 hours through them so far.

They are partnered with a Quad Elite Pre, QSP with a CDS which I’ve owned for 6 years and replace my P3ESR’s. The difference between the R3’s and the P3ESR’s is like night and day. I feel like the Quads and my music collection have now come alive. I honestly find my jaw dropping at times and they truly bring a smile to my face. The detail and insight are way beyond what I was getting out of my Harbeth’s but not at the expense of a sheer sense of fun. Doesn’t seem to matter what genre I throw at them, they are joyous.

I’m beyond delighted with them. Thank you so much for the excellent customer service. It’s no exaggeration to say Home Media has made my Christmas! Thank you.“
“I’d like to thank Simon for his help in resolving an issue, nothing was too much trouble. I heartily recommend him and his shop to any prospective customers.”
“I spoke at length with your colleague on the phone last Saturday. Credit where credit is due, the service I have received from Home Media has been the best I have received from any retail outlet – your attention to detail has been second to none and even my wife remarked on what a friendly, helpful nature you all have.

Without a doubt, you are my supplier of choice now and in the future and I’m really looking forward to popping in and meeting you all. Thanks again!“
“Your level of customer service and professionalism is commendable. It strongly sets you apart from the competition. I chose your business carefully and I am not disappointed. Your emails have that personal touch. Keep it up!“


“I ordered my hinges and now my Rega is like new again. Thank you for the fast delivery! Also, very nice to see how many Rega spare parts you have. Great to own a piece of equipment you actually can service, instead of replace!”

Mats N

“Although it did not arrive on time, the seller immediately contacted after I had placed my order and informed me they were out of stock, offering the option to cancel. They estimated they would be able to send out within 4-6 weeks and in the end it arrived in just over three. The goods were very well wrapped and I would shop with them again.“
“Delivery so quick I suspect you live in my shed – I’m going to check later!“

“I previously stated I would return my custom and that is what I did. An internet seller that gives a personal touch. Other half permitting, I’ll be back soon. Thanks.“
“Just wanted to say thanks again for your excellent and generous service. It has been a real pleasure dealing and talking with you. I hope I can find a good excuse to come across to Kent and maybe meet up with you in person. I’m sure we could put the world to rights and have a good chat about vinyl in the process!”


“Hi Ben, I really appreciate the care and thought you have put in and thank you and your team for your considerable efforts.


“Called in Saturday to collect replacement wall bracket. All tidy and back to normal. Thanks for your help on this. Appreciate your speedy service and also the bracket being FOC.”


“I really appreciate your attention and assistance.”


“Thanks again for your help and advice over the past couple of weeks, it has been really appreciated – there’s no substitute for personal service. As I said, I am expecting some money coming in to me in the next few months so when its here I will be in touch again to arrange a listening session for a new CD player.”

Mr. Smith

‘Wow. What a great company. Simon is one of the most impartial and helpful Hi-Fi guys I have come across. He made no attempt to sell me the most expensive kit he could but rather to understand what I was looking for, why I was looking at it and domestic set up and circumstances too. Managed to talk me out of spending several hundred pounds and clearly wanted the best for me. So if you need advice and a wide range of products I would definitely give them a call. Much of the equipment is high-end – they are a high-end retailer after all – but even though I spent at the lower end of the scale I was treated as if I was spending many thousands of pounds. He didn’t even try to get me to buy expensive cables suggesting instead I listened to what I had and sought advice to adjust from there. Friendly, open and honest is a pretty much perfect combination for me. Very highly recommended.’

Ian Hill

“A great place to start and continue your Hi-Fi journey. They have a great selection and Simon is very knowledgeable and you can tell has great passion for what he does. Expect to enjoy your experience here you are in good hands. Also a special mention about the delivery for home testing, its just the icing on the cake and made for an much easier buying decision. Thanks guys”
“I can’t stress enough how grateful I am to Simon for going way beyond any company that I have had the pleasure of dealing with as a customer or professionally… his service, professionalism and genuine honest advice has been fantastic. I have purchased from the same shop in various forms several times over 25+ years and would highly recommended them to anyone in the need of replacement or upgrade.”
“Brilliant service from Home Media. Simon Burton from their sales dept went above and beyond in accommodating my particular needs. Excellent communications and post sales – thanks. Recommended without hesitation.“
“Recommended without qualification. Simon offered thoughtful and expert advice throughout, and his passion for what he does is obvious. A home demonstration was offered immediately, with no pressure to return the speakers until I had listened sufficiently to make a decision. Ordering and delivery of my purchase was quick and efficient – a model of customer care.”
“I have been shopping at Home Media for over 10 years now, even though I moved out of the area 8 years ago. Simon and the team have always been a pleasure to deal with and my trust and confidence in their ability to advise and steer when it comes to buying, upgrading or tweaking my hifi setup is unmatched. The opportunity to have home demonstrations is invaluable to me and the fact this requires significant time commitment from Simon and the team (driving back and forth from Maidstone to Windsor) is done not only in good grace but a genuine desire to ensure I am buying the right kit for my system and room. From a call to a random hifi shop in 2008, to enquire about a set of PMC DB1s, has become a long standing and trusted relationship which has resulted in building a hifi that gives me enormous pleasure. I count myself very lucky that I happened to call Home Media that day.”


“It’s been a pleasure dealing with you and you provided valuable advice re the spacer and a great customer experience.”
“Many thanks for the good customer service you gave me this summer when I got the Gyrodec and the X Boxes. The Gyrodec still sounds brilliant and I spend many a hour listening to it. I’m also spending more money on vinyl these days!”


“Many thanks for the good customer service you gave me this summer when I got the Gyrodec and the X Boxes. The Gyrodec still sounds brilliant and I spend many a hour listening to it. I’m also spending more money on vinyl these days!”


“I would like to say a big thank you to both Martyn and Simon for sorting this out for me, your service is second to none. From the first time I came into the shop when Simon told me I could not afford what I wanted and told me to save a little bit more and come back in a couple of months. Most companies would have taken the quick sale and this means a lot! I ended up coming back one year later and spending 3 times what I intended to spend the very first time I came in.

I purchased the stereo from Simon who was able to help me also sell the stereo to my wife. Since I have purchased the stereo, I have had many hours of fun every day listening to the immense sound it produces. I have recommended 3 friends who have since purchased audio from your shop and I will continue to sing your praise.

Once again, thank you very much!”

Jason C

“Just to say a big thank you for the excellent work you and Ben did when installing my TV on to the wall. All our friends comment on how good it looks and how you have managed to hide all the connections from view – first class! Will definitely use you again.”


“Just wanted to say a big thanks to Simon for hand delivering the Iso base to my home. Unwrapped the base this morning and what a wonderful piece of engineering as usual from the Michell boys – excellent stuff! Many thanks again for your excellent, friendly service and I will of course recommend you to my friends.”

Dave S.

“Having had my Naim CD and amp for 6 months now, I just wanted to express how delighted I have been with my purchases. Since having had my Naims, I listen to as much instrumental music as song now. That’s how good the system is! I would like to thank you again for the time, attention, and care you gave me during my purchases this year (we got there in the end!) and wish you a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.”


“I must say that after a month, and being initially disappointed with the sound, that my NDX has gained a real sparkle – played through the ND5 XS and a Meridian pre/power – so much so, that my Meridian CD player is likely to grow cobwebs.

A note of credit to Simon at Home Media in Maidstone; on the day the UnitiServe was delivered, Naim announced the 2TB, which was a bit of a bummer. Nevertheless, they did manage to get it swapped. I would love to spend more money with them but, apart possibly from a power supply, I’m pretty much fully kitted out for a few years now!”


“I would just like to say thank you for all your help in my search for the perfect speaker solution in my set-up. It’s been 2 weeks now and the KEF R100’s are producing some sublime sounds now. I have also taken Simon’s advice and placed my Rega Brio-R and Rega DAC on a separate isolated oak platform which sits on my existing glass shelves. This has made a difference beyond words. I have no brightness and everything is so so much better.

Thanks again for all your help and I look forward to my next purchase with you (whatever it may be).”
“Thanks Simon and Martyn, the PMC’s sound really great! Only just had a chance to wire them up and they have so much more depth of sound to my KEFs. It’s always a pleasure to talk to you guys as your advice is always spot on.”


“It is almost a month after my purchase of the Rega separates and loudspeakers and I wanted to say a very warm thank you to the three of you for all your help in the purchase of such a great Hi-Fi system. As I am gradually rediscovering my entire classical music collection through them, the Rega Apollo, Rega Brio and RS1’s work in perfect synergy and deliver a melodious sound of rare beauty. Once again, many thanks, and I hope that we will have an opportunity to meet again soon.”


“The Rega Dac R reaches parts the Arcam CD37 didn’t realise were there, as it does this it also has far more grip and rhythm. So much in fact, I’ve been listening to music and not baking. I will be back in the kitchen later this month, so the sausage rolls will arrive. Happy Listening”


“Hi Chris, The box arrived yesterday as promised. Thank you for your efficient and polite service, it has been a pleasure dealing with you!”

M. Alland (Madrid)

“I just wanted to confirm receipt of the amplifier and the refund, and to thank you very much for the professional manner with which you conducted this transaction. Customer service is tested when issues are encountered, and you passed that test with flying colours!
Congratulations on your standard of packaging – the best I’ve ever seen by a country mile! The amp is lovely – I haven’t had a chance to use it much as yet but initial impressions are very good indeed.”

M. Alland (Madrid)

“Memorable service, even when you need help with a past purchase. Small company values and super-efficient administration. I will definitely be back if I need anything else from your product range.”

Stephen Peacock

“Finding Home Media and you, has been the best thing that has happened to me, in over 40 years of buying hifi equipment”
“My first contact with HM was around 11 years ago, taking advantage of a ‘trade in’ offer on my turntable… Little did I realise that in the following years my whole systems would be comprehensively upgraded, and not just once. This was not because of the ‘hard sell’, but because of the team’s enthusiastic and inspirational guidance down various avenues of kit, in a time scale dictated by my needs. Primarily it is my love of music (and film) that is my undoing. Despite ageing ears – the ability and need to experience good sound is very demanding mistress indeed! …Ultimately however, the experience of buying is now more of a transaction between friends – to the extent that even if a competitor can deliver from stock, I would rather place an order with HM, and receive the goods whenever (with a smile) – Des”

“Your service has been excellent!”