The Chord Company for sale in Maidstone, Kent.

We believe that the use of a quality cable infrastructure within a Hi-Fi or home cinema system is money well spent and can significantly improve the audio reproduction within your system and can raise your enjoyment from liking it to loving it.

We consider The Chord Company one of our most favoured partners, as the performance of their products represent excellent value for money at their given price points. Their team possesses a positive family spirit and are proactive in joining us to help you with fulfilling requests for the occasional cable loan request if we do not have stock available in-store. 

Chord have a comprehensive range of cables to suit budget priced systems, right through to high end systems. Establishing what cable is best suited to your system requires some experimentation and we would encourage you to borrow a couple of options from us to assist you in finding the perfect sonic balance. We like to work in this manner as it enables you to make a qualified decision, rather than making an impulsive cable purchase based upon a magazine review or gut feel. We have many cable related anecdotes to share of our experiences and those shared by our customers – so ask away during your next visit to our showroom or phone call to our team!

Such is our love for the brand, you’ll find a selection of The Chord Company analogue and digital cables, mains cables, speaker cables and HDMI cables available at our showroom patiently awaiting bringing music to your ears. Our demonstration stock includes:

  • Analogue Interconnect Cables: Sarum T, Signature Tuned ARAY, Epic, Shawline, Clearway, C-line
  • Mains Cables: Sarum T, Signature ARAY, EpicX, Shawline Power Chord
  • Speaker Cables: Sarum T, Signature XL, Epic X, Shawline X, Clearway, Sarsen
  • USB Cables: Signature Super ARAY, Epic, Shawline, C-USB
  • Digital Coax Cables: Signature Super ARAY, Shawline, Clearway, C-digital
  • GroundARAY: BNC, RCA, RJ45, USB, XLR Socket

What Our Customers Say

“Thank you for such professional service throughout whole buying process. I wish you all the success that such well ran businesses certainly deserves and enjoys.”