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Kroma Atelier is a relatively new loudspeaker brand to Home Media. We first became aware of Kroma Atelier during our visit to the Audio Show Deluxe in 2023. During our visit to the Audio Show Deluxe, Chris and Simon spent approximately two hours in the company of a pair of Kroma Atelier Stella Xtreme Floorstanding Speakers, and this is the point where our passion for the brand began.

What makes the brand so special and sets Kroma Atelier apart from other highly regarded loudspeaker brands? The in-house design team have created a range of products that provide a unique and immersive listening experience, heightening your musical enjoyment with increased resolution and emotion. As with every loudspeaker, there are three core elements within its design: the cabinet, drivers and crossover. Kroma Atelier have gone to great lengths with the construction of their speakers and designed a cabinet made entirely from Krion, a material that is non-conductive and non-magnetic. The high mass properties of Krion produce no acoustic colouration or resonances, playing a significant role in the sonic performance of every Kroma Atelier loudspeaker. Even the screws used to fasten the drive units on the front baffle are non-metallic, such is the attention to detail applied within the design and build.

How we fell in love with Kroma Atelier speakers

During our early in-store listening sessions, we partnered the entry level model “Mimi” with the much-loved Accuphase E-380 Integrated Amplifier. The combination reproduced our varied selection of demonstration tracks with an emotive honesty that few loudspeakers at the £8,000 price point can produce. The optional Kroma Atelier speaker stands complement the Mimi both visually and acoustically. Constructed entirely from Krion with Panzerholz wood top plates, an obvious lift in performance was achieved when compared to other well-regarded speaker stands.

To learn more about the Kroma Atelier speaker range, or to arrange a demonstration, please contact a member of our team at our showroom or call 01622 676703.

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