Luxury Home Cinema Lighting in Maidstone, Kent

Set the right vibe in your entertainment space with luxury home cinema lighting as part of your bespoke home cinema design from the friendly team at Home Media based in Maidstone, Kent; we have the passion and experience to create a solution you, friends and family alike will love.

Dim the lamps, or turn them off completely, from the comfort of your cinema seating with smart control… accent focal points with spotlights… or add a touch of luxury and elegance with dramatic uplights… whatever your vision for your cinematic paradise, we can design lighting around you – ensuring glare is eliminated from every angle so you can enjoy the action free from distraction.

Expert Home Cinema Lighting Design to create the perfect ambience

Your home cinema should be a place for you to relax and that’s difficult to do if your view of the screen is affected by glare or low visibility from distracting lighting. Instead, the lighting design should be such to complement the room without impacting on functionality – and can be expertly installed to enhance the space.

Home Media’s cinema lighting designs are ideal for creating the perfect ambience of relaxation so you can lose yourself in your chosen film, TV programme or video game. Strategically placed lamps are also a simple way to add an air of luxury or highlight a feature of the room (perhaps a piece of art or memorabilia on the wall) to give it some extra attention. The sky really is the limit.

Fully automated Home Cinema Lighting Control when you want it

Imagine the scene: you’ll settled into your favourite seat, you’ve got your snacks and drinks to hand and you’re ready for the film to start, then you realise… you haven’t adjusted the lights. This scenario is a thing of the past with fully automated home cinema lighting control built into your bespoke cinema design.

From remote options allowing you to control the lighting from the comfort of your chair to automated systems that dim the light when the action starts on screen, nothing says luxury quite like smart control. Changing light to darkness and back at the touch of the button might even leave you feeling as powerful as your favourite movie superhero…

Bespoke garden lighting design and ideas

Getting out in the garden and living a more outdoor life is a joy, but without the right lighting it can be treacherous and unenjoyable. Home Media can help you install garden lighting that doesn’t just make your garden safer when the sun sets but also delivers the perfect ambience for any occasion. With every space having its unique challenges, our team are experts in designing the dream solution to accent focal points and fully automate your outdoor lighting experience.

Whatever your garden and your budget, the Home Media can design the perfect solutions so give us a call and book a home visit today on 01622 676703.