Founded in 1926, Tannoy is one of the longest established loudspeaker brands in the world. The name is synonymous with public address systems as the brand Hoover is with vacuum cleaners. The original trading name Tulsemere Manufacturing Company was changed in 1928 to Tannoy. The name is derived from Tantalum and Lead Alloy, two materials used in the manufacturing process to produce rectifiers.

Innovative design throughout the 1930s helps establish the brand as a leading manufacturer of loudspeaker systems. Into the 1940s Tannoy public address systems were used for many state occasions, with speeches by Winston Churchill delivered via Tannoy loudspeakers. Its name becomes synonymous with PA systems and as a result was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 1946.

More about Tannoy

Throughout our lifetime, Tannoy is best known for its Dual Concentric drive unit design, a technology that was invented in 1947 and launched at the London Radio Show. Further development during the coming twenty years led to the launch of the Monitor Gold Dual Concentric range in 1967.

Throughout the 1970's Tannoy evolves as a key brand in recording studios, with Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ recorded at Abbey Road’s Studio 2 on a pair of Tannoy Lancaster’s. Their growing reputation leads to many legendary recording studios installing the brand’s loudspeakers for mastering purposes. A pair of Tannoy Dreadnought’s were used during the composition of Vangelis’ music for the blockbuster movie “Blade Runner”.

During the proceeding years, a variety of loudspeaker designs continued to be produced for consumer market, with a number of the models available for purchase from our Union Street showroom almost 30 years ago.

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