Avalon Acoustics Speakers for sale in Maidstone Kent

Based within the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, the dedicated master craftsmen at Avalon Acoustics have been on a journey involving product design for more than 30 years. From concert hall monitoring to studio mastering, the ongoing research has inspired the company’s research and development of high-performance loudspeaker design. Low noise floor, 3-dimensional soundstage and absolute phase and timing accuracy are attributed to the meticulous research undertaken by the skilled craftsmen at Avalon Acoustics.

Demo the incredible Avalon PM1 and more at Home Media

Listening to a pair of Avalon Acoustics loudspeakers is a musical education, as a result of the depth of the soundstage, realism and resolution played before your ears. We have found them to work extremely well with amplification from the likes of EMM Labs, Hegel, T+A and Vitus Audio.

If you are looking to advance the enjoyment of your musical collection to a higher level, then Avatar speakers should be on your shortlist.

Our demonstration stock includes the Avalon PM1s, with the PM2 and PM3 to follow very soon.

What Our Customers Say

Without a doubt, you are my supplier of choice now and in the future and I’m really looking forward to popping in and meeting you all. Thanks again!