Bathroom Speakers

There is a wealth of speaker options on the market that are ideal for use in the bathroom, created to withstand higher levels of heat and moisture in the air whilst still delivering stunning audio that won’t be dampened by sounds like running water or hairdryers. What’s more, they’re easy to use, connected with your home’s Broadband network or Bluetooth and controllable with simply the touch of a button on your control pad, remote or phone. Let us create a solution for you, that not only works around your lifestyle but enhances it, day to day, with a system of bathroom speakers from only the best brands on the market.

Installing bathroom ceiling speakers and more options

Sitting seamlessly and flush, bathroom ceiling speakers take up little space in what may one of your smallest rooms as well as being safely tucked away from excess humidity in the air. Controlled remotely with your chosen device and connected to your wider audio system via your Broadband network or Bluetooth, once your speakers are installed, you’re basically good to go – bathroom musical bliss awaits. If you prefer portable options or those for the wall, we can make the right recommendations for you – just give us a ring on 01622 676703 when you’re ready!

Talk to our experts about bespoke bathroom speakers and audio systems

No one audio design will suit every room and every client, so our experts will work with you to create a solution tailored to you. We’ll start with a home visit and discuss your aspirations for the room, before assessing and measuring up your space to then custom build a design that fits like a glove into your bathroom, featuring discreet and moisture-proof speaker equipment that stands the test of time and frequent use. Your home deserves a solution that fits, and that’s always the benefit of bespoke design; it is focused around your specific wants and needs. If you’re ready to level up your bathroom to your new favourite audio hub, get in touch via 01622 676703.