Kitchen TV

Have you ever found yourself missing crucial minutes of a film or a TV programme as you dash to the kitchen to turn the oven on, put the kettle on or quickly prep some ingredients? If the answer is yes, perhaps the time has come to talk to the Home Media team about the positive difference a high-quality kitchen TV can make to your daily life.

Imagine the possibilities of extending your visual entertainment experience into your kitchen; it may just become your new favourite spot for catching up on your shows with a freshly poured cup of coffee or make chores like cooking or cleaning pass that much faster with the music channel playing. Call us on 01622 676703 and we’ll work on a kitchen TV entertainment solution that will transform your day-to-day home life.

Our experts can provide you with bespoke kitchen TV ideas

Where to start? The right solution for kitchen entertainment is not as simple as choosing a television and plugging it in; as with any system, multiple factors require careful consideration, and that’s where Home Media comes in. Our expert team will work closely with you to make recommendations and provide bespoke kitchen TV ideas, based around your preferences and budget, that you’ll love and that will level up your experience.

As a functional room which is impacted by heat and steam and is full of utensils and appliances requiring care and attention, safety is, and should be, always a factor impacting product choice and placement. We’ll assess your layout and discuss how you wish to implement a screen into your life to create a solution that ticks all the boxes, including optimal positioning, safety considerations, beautiful aesthetics, sharp visual clarity and immersive sound. Why not talk to us about smart control or hands-free capabilities too?

Install a Kitchen TV under cabinets, via a wall mount or anywhere

We’re confident that any kitchen can be transformed into an impressive entertainment space with the right considerations given to design, layout and product choice. Not every property will have unlimited room to work with, but we’re up to the challenge of installing your kitchen TV somewhere smart and discreet, such as under cabinets, tucked away when you’re hard at work making meals or cleaning, or mounted onto the wall, where you can adjust the angle as needed, whilst saving precious surface space. Entertainment solutions are there to enhance your life, not intrude upon you – implementing a TV into your kitchen need not be an inconvenience and or impact on a spacious, airy feel.

Get in touch with the Home Media experts for an initial consultation, we’ll measure up and design a TV solution that will suit you, and your property.