REL Acoustics for sale in Maidstone, Kent

Subwoofers are widely considered as a compliment to a home cinema system, which is partly true as far as REL Acoustics is concerned. Having recently celebrated 25 years since the company’s formation, the chief designers at REL continue to push the boundaries of performance and acceptance in the 2-channel audio world. Today REL Active Bass Systems (or subwoofers) are considered a formidable compliment to even the grandest of hi-fi systems.

One common misconception is that a REL Active Bass System simply adds more bass to a hi-fi system. The truth of the matter is that the addition of a single or multiple modern vintage REL unit will not only generate greater bass weight, but will create increased depth within the sound stage, providing you with heightened musical expression. It is often said by audiophiles that REL Active Bass Systems reveal layers to music that they never realised were embedded within the recording, with increased exposure of the mid and high frequency detail. In a nutshell, you retain everything you adore about your speakers with added expansion throughout the entire sound stage when REL Active Bass Systems are added.

If you would like to learn more about how we can bring more enjoyment to your music and movie experience, then please contact a member of our team.

Such is our love for the brand, you find an assortment of REL Acoustics products displayed at our showroom patiently awaiting bringing music to your ears. Our demonstration stock includes:

  • REL Acoustics No.31 Reference Subwoofer
  • Serie S models – Carbon Special, S/812, S/510
  • Serie T models – T/9x, T/7x, T/5x, T/Zero
  • Serie HT models – HT/1205

What Our Customers Say

Thank you for such professional service throughout whole buying process. I wish you all the success that such well ran businesses certainly deserves and enjoys.”