Gold Note believe that every handmade turntable they make has something special and carries a small part of the Italian heritage, showing their dedication to traditions, history and passion: this is how they craft the perfect music source. Such passion defines all their turntables. It drives them to design with great care and attention every single detail in order to deliver the best audio performance through the most fascinating music source devices.

The Gold Note Giglio follows the mechanical principles developed for the Mediterraneo flagship model and it is one of their best creations: it redefines the traditional shape of a turntable using quality materials and technical solutions that merge tradition with technology.

The “catenary” curved plinth design derives from the Mediterraneo. It results in extra rigidity allowing the Gold Note Giglio to achieve superior performance and deliver pure detailed sound reproducing the musical events with astonishing precision. The lower plinth is smoothly shaped recalling the Tuscan landscape and artistic tradition of the Renaissance. It is made of refined, locally sourced materials such as walnut hardwood, chosen for its exceptional elasticity, strength and great density. The wooden base is firmly positioned on three large, elegantly shaped and adjustable spikes made of anodised aluminium.

The Giglio features a 33mm thick platter and a high-precision bearing/spindle system engineered for ultra-low tolerance. The polished pulley presents an hourglass shape design that allows the belt to spin steadily reducing drastically Wow & Flutter as well as rumble effect.

The Power Supply of the 12 Volt synchronous motor made in Switzerland has been specifically developed to ensure perfect music reproduction. Thanks to proprietary power control system based on a Quadral-Core micro-controller, the Giglio efficiently reduces vibrations and develops the high torque needed to obtain the greatest musical dynamic and resolution. The Power Supply Unit electronically controls the 33,3rpm and 45rpm as well as the fine speed adjustment, storing all the settings into memory.

The Gold Note Giglio bundle includes the high- precision B-5.1 tonearm and a custom made transparent dust-cover with detachable hinges for easy removal. Also included is the high-quality external power supply PST- 1 equipped with a grounded IEC plug that allows using the favorite AC power cord in order to ideally tune the turntable’s audio performance.

Being one of Gold Note’s best analogue creations, the Giglio is the perfect eye-catching highlight of any High-End stereo system and will always remind you of the indisputable Italian quality design.

Technical Specifications



SPEED: 331⁄3rpm and 45rpm ±0,1%

SPEED CHANGING: Electronic with fine pitch control

TRANSMISSION: 70 shores rectified EPDM belt

MOTOR: 12 Volt High Torque synchronous

PLATTER: 33mm thick Ultra-Dampened POM

PLATTER SPINDLE: Split-Spindle™ clamping design

PLATTER BEARING: Tungsten 5mm ball bearing

TONEARM: Gold Note B-5.1 (or opt. B-7 Ceramic)

DUST COVER: Transparent acrylic with hinges


POWER SUPPLY: PST-1, 18V output, 100-240V, 50/60Hz


425 W | 200 H | 360 D mm

550 W | 480 H | 480 D mm – boxed


Kg. 14.5 net

Kg. 20.5 – boxed



Italian Walnut Hardwood


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