The Clearaudio Innovation Compact turntable features perfectly matched material properties using patented Clearaudio technology. The 70mm-thick platter of the Innovation Compact consists of a dynamically balanced clamp made from polyoxymethylene (POM) and is powered by a high-torque DC motor with a precision slide bearing, which was developed exclusively for Clearaudio. By keeping an optimally small chassis surface, audible resonances connect with maximum housing stability in a massive tank timber connection. A high quality build with timeless design that will survive decades.

The goal of high-end analogue is to perfectly merge technology, workmanship and design and subordinate them to one single target: the best possible music reproduction. At Clearaudio, all development, design and production remain firmly in the hands of a perfectly experienced and attuned team of specialists who never lose sight of that goal, and who uphold the Clearaudio philosophy and high quality standards.

From the tiniest part to the full audiophile ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ (a complete work of art that draws on many art forms), at Clearaudio everything is meticulously made by hand – with maximum precision and plenty of passion. Precision-crafted mechanics and the use of components fine-tuned for density, mass and shape guarantee mechanical harmony and the absence of resonance when playing records.

The ingredients are high-density multi-layered wood, titanium, stainless steel V2A, aluminium and specially developed high-performance plastics. Two parameters are of critical importance: maximum performance of music playback and technically effective design, as well as the aesthetic beauty of our creations.

Weight 1000 kg
Dimensions 479 × 485 × 450 mm

Chassis Finish

Black Lacquer, Natural Wood

Metalwork Finish

Black Aluminium, Silver Aluminium

Platter Finish

Black (POM) Finish, Clear Acrylic Finish

1 review for Clearaudio Innovation Compact Turntable

  1. Hi-Fi World

    “The Clearaudio Innovation Compact is a highly capable high-end turntable with some very fine qualities; it’s stable, delicate and musical, with a lovely midband. Marry the matching Magnify tonearm to it and this becomes truly magical. Lyrical and lucid, yet stable and surefooted, this is a fine compact high-end turntable. I’d recommend you listen and see if it’s for you.”

    Hi-Fi World

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