We have known Mr. A. for a number of years and regularly attends our in-store events. The relaunch of our refurbished flagship demonstration room led Mr. A. to request a home demonstration of the Acustica Applicata room acoustic treatment. Here are his thoughts regarding his experience:

What they said about us

I have now had the DaaD Series on home demonstration for two weeks. I am lucky in that I have a dedicated Hi-Fi room and some good equipment which itself has been upgraded many times over the years. I am unlucky in having this equipment in a small room, roughly 11 x 8. I very much doubted that (a) the DaaD system would fit in the room and (b) that it would be a cost effective upgrade. Suffice to say that after hours of listening I am certain that this acoustic treatment has delivered the best upgrade in SQ that I have ever made. My son listened. He said “Dad, it’s like you are in the second row of the stalls” I concur. Awesome.
I have upgraded my Hi-Fi several times over the last few years, mostly with the help and advice of Home Media. All purchases have increased the sound quality. All proved value for money but almost inevitably, some had a great impact while others were worthwhile but had less impact.

So let’s start with the turntable. My T/T was not purchased from Home Media. It is over 30 years old and bits, just bits, have been upgraded (from Home Media) but it continues to perform brilliantly. Home Media will sell you the same model today. It is a Michell GyroDec. Buy it with the Solidair suspension which is a great upgrade and should come with the deck as standard. Enough said.
There are some excellent, affordable phono stages out there. I was very, very happy with my Pro-Ject box until I heard the Gold Note PH-10 phono stage with the PSU-10 power supply. Pro-Ject? Excellent at about £600. Gold Note? Superb and with the Power Supply roughly £2500. You get what you pay for.

Class D amplifiers are very underrated. Talk to Simon. I used one for years until I heard the Gold Note IS-1000 which was used demo’ing their phono stage. A superb amplifier delivering a DAC, Streaming, and a very good inbuilt phono stage. It is a marriage made in heaven with my ATC SCM-19 speakers. What more could you ask for for the price? The elephant in the room? I brought a Marantz SACD/CD player. A KI Signature model. I love it. Simon tells me that the Accuphase DP-450 is as good. I believe him but I haven’t a/b’d. He hasn’t been wrong yet.

Finally, your room has more impact on the sound quality than any piece of equipment. Room acoustic treatment is expensive and not for everyone, but IT WORKS. Don’t discount it. Mains filters? Cables? Take a loan and listen for yourself. And and and …..well it would be easy to go on but I am certain that there is better equipment than I own but I am not sure that I would get the benefit in my room, with my listening tastes and with my budget. That’s when you need a knowledgeable dealer. Talk to Simon. Advice on a cartridge? Demo of phono stages and Subs? You can’t get this from a magazine or from Amazon.

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