Solidair Audio have introduced a new and fabulous upgrade for many Michell turntables. The Trinity is a set of three high end isolation feet for fitment beneath the tonearm mount. These are essentially very tiny versions of our Dark Star 50 feet and are identical in proportion, but miniaturized to fit under the Michell turntable tonearm boards. They are a direct replacement for the black plastic spacers normally found between the armboard and the chassis. They provide an excellent level of isolation, preventing unwanted vibration from interfering with the stylus.

The change in sound quality The Trinity gives is immediately obvious. If you are familiar with our ground breaking Pylons, the improvements are of a similar order to these. The detail revealed is remarkable. The separation in voices is particularly noticeable, harmonies are distinct and placed. The soundstage becomes very focused, you can almost see where the instruments are. The increase in the width of the soundstage is also impressive, these feet unleash the full potential of your tonearm setup.

The feet are made from African Blackwood, known for it’s fabulous acoustic properties as well as being “the most expensive wood in the world”. The centre portion is a woven carbon fibre tube and a web of high performance carbon based thread. The bolts are stainless steel and with a high build quality, they are made to last. They also compliment our other performance upgrades to give a sound quality only found in seriously expensive turntables, yet the beautiful looks of the Michell turntables are virtually unchanged.

They are easy to fit and the turntable requires no permanent changes. The height of the feet is almost the same as the spacers, less than one millimetre taller, you are unlikely to need to change the tonearm settings. You can drop it 0.7mm if you are worried, but the difference is less than the difference in vinyl thicknesses. The packaging that The Trinity comes in can be used to store the standard parts that have been taken off.

Please note that if you have an SME armboard, the spacers are about 3mm shorter and it may take a bit more setting up. If you have the Rega fitment armboard with 1/2″ (12.7mm) spacers it should be more or less a straight swap.

For a serious performance upgrade, combine this set with the Solidair Pylons.



Rega Arm Mount, SME Arm Mount


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