The Vitus Audio SIA-030 Integrated Amplifier is an aural and visual delight. Weighing in at approximately 63 kilos, it is an amplifier with intent.

From an engineering perspective, creating the SIA-030 a product intended to be a model up from the much-coveted and multi-award-winning icon SIA-025 was no easy task. A quick glance at the number of five star reviews and awards will tell you all you need to know. It has become a benchmark in the world of integrated amplifiers, so the Vitus Audio SIA-030 had its work cut out from the very start.

This stratospheric performance expectation, combined with the goal of keeping the chassis as small as possible, made the design phase extremely challenging, pushing the Vitus Audio team to the absolute limit. Thinking way outside of the box and endlessly obsessing over every possible micro-detail of the design was required to achieve the almost impossible. The technology inside the SIA-030 reuses the regulated power supply from the output stage of the Masterpiece MP-M201, combined with new technology for the lower voltage stages.

The regulator module can easily be upgraded, likewise for the gain-stages in both the preamplifier and power-amplifier section. The newly developed volume control is now regulated only 0.5dB per step throughout the entire volume control. The total gain available is 18dB, which combined with the input sensitivity selector and high resolution of the volume control, offers full versatility for any sources and loads.

Two optional modules are offered. Firstly, a full DAC/Streamer module already known from the Vitus Rl- 101 / RD-101 but further optimized and enhanced for a performance befitting the SIA-030. Secondly, available soon will be a full phono stage option with moving magnet and moving coil (MM/MC) support and individual load and gain settings.

Fully equipped, the SIA-030 will be all you need for a minimalistic ‘uber’ performing system.


Technical Specifications:

Type: Class A/AB Switchable integrated amplifier

Analogue Inputs : 2x unbalanced RCA inputs, 3x true balanced XRL inputs,

Optional MM/MC Phono Stage: 2x unbalanced RCA inputs (Coming soon)

Optional DAC/Streamer Inputs: 1x AES input, 1x SPDIF (RCA) input, 1x Ethernet for streaming, 1x USB supporting up to 2x DSD, 1x Optical input

Analogue Outputs: 1x unbalanced RCA pre-out sockets, 1 set balanced speaker outputs

Power Output: 30W Class A / 200W Class AB

Dimensions (H×W×D): 435 x 268 x 530mm

Weight: 63Kg

Weight N/A


Black, Champagne, Copper, Silver, White

Optional DAC/Streamer Module

Yes, No


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