The Accuphase E-700 Class A Integrated Amplifier is an evolutionary product that incorporates numerous technologies from the 50th anniversary flagship model, the E-800. The preamplifier section uses a Balanced AAVA type volume control with ANCC to create a balanced configuration from input to output and achieve driving perfection. The power amp stage that drives the speakers has been fortified from three elements to four, further increasing reliability. Experience the full breadth of emotion in live performances with the Accuphase E-700’s superior expression.

Technical Specifications

Integrated amplifier with fully balanced configuration from input to output
Balanced AAVA type volume control
High-accuracy, high-rigidity volume sensor construction
Power amplification stage configured as an instrumentation amplifier
Four-fold parallel push-pull configuration using power MOS-FETs driven in Class A
Linear power output of 35watts into 8ohms, 70 watts into 4ohms, or 140 watts into 2ohms
160 W output into 1-ohm load (music signals)
High damping factor of 1,000
Strong power supply with high-efficiency toroidal transformer and large filtering capacitors
Protection circuitry using MOS-FET switches

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