It may look similar to the SG I PTA, but Vertere SG II PTA shares only three components with its sibling; the fine tracking force weight, the lift lower mechanism, and the silicon nitride triple bearing assembly. Every other element of SG II’s design and build has been carefully recalibrated to improve upon the SG I, and yield performance levels as close as possible to the flagship Reference Tonearm.

Weight distribution has been fine tuned to optimise the effective mass seen at the stylus tip – significantly reducing movement whilst elevating efficiency and information retrieval. To do this, key improvements have been made including a new titanium headshell that achieves better dynamic mass distribution, and a heavier dual-axis counterweight that’s decoupled and fitted with adjustable outriders for enhanced azimuth adjustment. A new bearing yoke aligns even closer with the stylus tip, and a stiffer rolled carbon fibre tube improves the connection to the headshell and bearing yoke joints.

These, and many more nuanced improvements, mean the Vertere SG II PTA delivers an astonishing amount of musical detail – elevating the performance of your entire analogue source.



Silver & Black


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