With a lightweight design ideal for long-term listening, the Sendy Audio Apollo utilises the same Quad-Former driver technology derived from its stablemates, this time in a more affordable package.

Quad-Former technology: Refers to the planar magnetic driver design, which consists of a novel double-magnet design driven by double-sided coils on each side of the diaphragm. This helps to deliver a natural sound signature, with a broad frequency range extending all the way up to 40kHz. Overall, you can expect to hear excellent consistency, speed, and minimal distortion.

Construction: The drivers themselves are housed in a wooden chassis, crafted using specialist techniques. Each assembly is meticulously hand-polished after lacquering, resulting in an ultra-smooth finish. Then, for comfort, goat skin is used to make the headband, and then high-protein leather and memory foam for the ear pads. This ensures a comfortable wearing experience, even after long periods.

. 6N OCC detachable cable with a 4.4mm pentagon plug included.

. 4.4mm pentagon to 3.5mm adaptor included

. Headphones come packaged with a leather carry case.






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