The Custom Design FS-104 Signature LS50 speaker stands are designed to exclusively to fit the highly acclaimed KEF LS50. The are two variants of this exclusive version, one to fit the standard passive KEF LS50 and the second to fit the KEF LS50 Wireless loudspeaker design.

The central support column is manufactured from steel (ERW BS EN 10305-3), which can be mass loaded with an Inert Filler material. The four outer columns combine to provide a totally rigid speaker stand. The performance improvements are substantial, especially to the dynamic range which seems more open and free compared to conventional central, mass loaded designs. Stereo imaging and precision timing bring more excitement to your listening experience all with an accurate and controlled bass performance. The Custom Design FS 104 Signature Speaker Stands are a serious alternative to the usual option of speaker stand design.

The five support columns are available in Black, charcoal or white as standard. The laser precision cut hand finished acoustic top plates and base plates are manufactured from 4mm steel and available in three sizes. They are designed to have the minimal effect on the performance of your speakers. The unique five column design provide a totally solid foundation for our customers who demand a more exciting and dynamic performance from their speakers.

Inert filler can be added to dampen the stands for improved sonic performance. We recommend adding two bags to the central column of both stands, with a fifth bag shared between the outer columns of both stands.


Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
KEF LS50 version

LS50 standard version, LS50 Wireless version


Black, White

Inert Filler Option

None, 5 bags (recommended)


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