Bespoke Kitchen Speakers and Speaker Systems

As the lyrics go, ‘you’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties’… With your home audio entertainment setup, featuring bespoke kitchen speakers and speaker systems, there will be more than one great reason for family and friends alike to spend more time there! Speak to the audio experts at Home Media, in Maidstone, Kent, when you’re ready to transform your kitchen into the music hub of your dreams that will improve your life every day, not just when you have guests.

We’ll assess your space and make product recommendations, from brands we know and trust, to implement a custom solution that will look and sound stunning for years to come. You’ll never need to cook or clean without an uplifting soundtrack again… time to level up your kitchen experience with top-quality, easy-to-use speaker system everyone will love.

Hide away your hardware with integrated kitchen ceiling speaker systems

Every property and its rooms are different, and this must be considered when implementing any piece of home entertainment equipment. When it comes to the kitchen, further considerations including safety (based on positioning of appliances), layout (maximising the available space and not impinging on the room with intrusive pieces of equipment), acoustics (ensuring a cohesive sound experience in the room) and more.

Ceiling speakers are one option that tick many of these boxes; discreetly built and tucked away into the ceiling itself, moisture-resistant to withstand heat and steam from below and delivering a stunning sound experience as immersive as you could expect from any high-tech piece of audio kit. Connected to your chosen device with your Broadband network or via Bluetooth to seamlessly integrate into your life with smart control that barely requires you to lift a finger. Get in touch to talk about our recommendations.

Talk to our experts about kitchen speaker ideas

Our team are passionate about delivering a truly magical musical experience into the homes of our customers. If you’re ready to extend sound entertainment into every room of your property, talk to our experts about kitchen speaker ideas that will tick all the right boxes. Smart and easy to use? Looks fantastic and blends wonderfully with your décor and layout? Most importantly, sounds incredible for years to come? Give us a call on 01622 676703 to discuss a tailored solution around your requirements.