The Vitus Audio SM-103 is a no-compromise monaural amplifier that will take on the very best, regardless of cost.

There was only one way to improve on the incredible performance of the statement SS-103; give each channel its own separate chassis and dedicated power supply and select only the finest components. This is exactly what Vitus Audio has done and so the SM-103 was born.

Based on the SS-103, each SM-103 uses only the finest matched transistors and super precision resistors to ensure optimal working conditions for the different stages of each module. This, combined with a special coupling of each input stage, results in ultra-linear frequency response. The true balanced design, together with the local shunt regulated power supply, ensures an excellent signal to noise ratio, making it possible to reveal every micro detail in the recordings.

The result is a power amplifier, capable of exposing fine details that have never been heard before, without compromising the coherence of the recording.

The performance of these products redefines how close to the live event you can get by listening to reproduced music.

Technical Specifications: 

Input XLR analogue RCA analogue
Available 1 1
Sensitivity 0.7VRMS 1.4VRMS
Impedance 10KΩ 10KΩ
Slew rate 35V/ μs 35V/ μs
Output Speaker L Speaker R
Available 2 x Set Balanced speaker out in parallel
Impedance 75 mΩ 75 mΩ
Power RMS (8Ω) 100W Class A / 150W Class AB
Frequency response +800kHz +800kHz
Signal to noise ratio >110dB >110dB
THD + noise > 0,01% > 0,01%
Power Consumption Each Classic Rock
Standby <1W
Class AB 75W 100W
Class A 295W 320W
Width 435mm
Height 310mm
Depth 610mm
Weight 75 kg


Black, Champagne, Silver, White


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