The hand-built Sendy Audio Peacock planar magnetic headphones are the flagship of the Sendy Audio range, meticulously developed over a two-year period and packing the latest iteration of the brand’s excellent Quad-Former driver technology.

Quad-Former technology: Peacock features the latest development of the brand’s Quad-Former driver technology, which helps to achieve a natural sound signature and broad frequency response of 20Hz to 40kHz. The Quad-Former concept itself consists of a novel double-magnet design driven by double-sided coils on each side of the diaphragm. All of this means excellent consistency, speed, and minimal distortion.

Construction: The driver’s are housed within a CNC-machined chassis, which is then mounted within a wooden cup that has been highly lacquered and polished using specialist techniques. The rest of the headphone then consists of machined aircraft-grade aluminium components, tested to the highest of tolerances to be rugged and lightweight. All material parts, such as the earpads and headband, are made from goatskin, exuding a luxurious, premium feel, all while delivering excellent comfort for long-term listening.

. Exchangeable 8-core 6N OCC braided cable finished with a 4.4mm pentacom plug included

. 6.35mm and XLR 4-pin adaptors included

. The headphones, cable and accessories come packaged in a leather carry case.



Zebra Wood & Black, Zebra Wood & Gold


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