The Tellurium Q Ultra Silver Speaker Cable is distinctive from the Black range by focusing even more on detail. Whereas the Black range has been described as natural/neutral the Tellurium Q Ultra Silver is being talked about in terms of the incredible new level of detail people are hearing so neutral/detail would be a good description of their ability. 


Cable Length

1.5m Pair, 2m Pair, 3m Pair

Cable Terminations

4mm Banana Plug to 4mm Banana Plug, 4mm Banana Plug to Spade, Spade to Spade

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    HiFi Pig Review
    “The top end was clearly beyond what the K2 [Audioquest] had to offer me and I was really trying to hear something that presented itself to me which would lead me to believe that it was a bit over the top, harsh and spitty but it just didn’t happen. A true increase in perceived bandwidth was shining through with strings giving small nuances of reverbs that I hadn’t heard so well articulated before”

    Dan Worth,

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