Since the debut of Invictus Speaker Reference, Ricable realized that the gap with Dedalus Speaker was significant and that there would be the technical and commercial space to insert the right middle ground that could support very high level systems, but that compromised with the cost. The Ricable Dedalus Elite is certainly closer in concept to Invictus, but in order to achieve the goal of a cable that was halfway, Ricable have wisely made cuts so that the result was of the highest level and with a lower cost.

The acoustic result is characterised by a decisive step forward in naturalness and control compared to Dedalus, with a listening dynamic and Soundstage that closely resemble its big brother. Surely it is the ideal candidate for high-end Hi-End systems , even if not of absolute level, for which some renunciation compared to Invictus Reference, is not highlighted in the listening phase.

Ricable Dedalus Elite is not simply a cheap Invictus, because although many technical solutions derive from the latter, the basic design is completely new, developed however, paying attention to the economic factor, the conductors, always in copper 7N MARC, are made with an innovative concept of hexaphony, stringing together 784 wires, which make up each conductor of 6.4 mm2. In practice, we have maintained the cross-section of Dedalus, creating a geometry similar to that of Invictus, which reduces the steric encumbrance and also improves the already excellent electrical performance, as well as offering superior listening refinement.

Another special feature of Invictus Speaker is the innovation of the double dielectric, made from two newly developed R-TEC polymers, which can significantly improve the dielectric constant and consequently the flow of the audio signal in the form of a low-voltage electrical signal and at the same time promote the functionality of the semiconductor(RNR Noise Reduction), which is also improved.



White & Orange

Cable Length

2m Pair, 3m Pair, 4m Pair, 5m Pair


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