The HB Labs ATAC Power Cord implements natures structural geometry using multicore OCC
conductors, due to the silver harshness in sound, ATAC cable design collaborates pure copper
and silver plated OCC for signature cancelling, this method reduces mains power cables
existence in sound. The listener gets to enjoy Vocals and Musical Instruments instead of cable
presence effects.

Electrical alternating current constantly creates time loops, by studying natures formula for
eliminating blank spaces relative to travelling speed is by introducing secondary slave. Bi-wiring
opens the perfect balance as the secondary conduct fills in the gaps allowing current to travel at
hypersonic speed.

Balance has obsolete importance for existence, multi conductor might seem as a solution for
other Brand Names cables, providing exciting lightning speed transfer, the balance way off and
uncontrollable. Pair yields better efficiency vs multiple.

Marine PVC insulation has a very good resistance to moisture, abrasion and offers true dielectric

ATAC power cord uses finest connectors on the market, the Westcode Gold Fuse as standard
and minimal standard length of 1.5 metres and up to a maximum length 20m. Please contact us for length’s over 11m.

Technical Specifications

Overall Diameter: 18mm

Conductors: Pure OCC and Silver Plated OCC

Insulation Sheath and Jacket: Clear Marine PVC

Resistance: 20℃ ≤ 6.63Ω / Km





1.5m, 3.0m, 4.0m, 5.0m, 6.0m, 7.0m, 8.0m, 9.0m, 10.0m


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