Completely redesigned from scratch, Audiolab’s new integrated amplifier, the Audiolab 8300A is miles ahead of what was already an industry-leader. Higher power, an additional phono stage and new Audiolab styling means the amplifier is more stylish and more versatile than ever. Most importantly it’s new, ultra-efficient circuitry and streamlined components create a listening experience which brings new definition to your favourite music.

Technical Specifications 

General description: Integrated Amplifier
Design philosophy and core technology: Dual Mono Power Amp Design
Display: OLED 128×64 pixels 2.7″
Controls: Logarithmic Ladder Volume Design
Finish: Fine Textured Aluminium (Black / Silver)
Standby Features: Yes
12V Trigger: Yes
Phono: Yes (MM/MC)
Balanced XLR Input: Yes
Pre-amplifier Section:
Inputs: CD, Video, Tuner, Aux 1, Aux 2, XLR (Balanced) & Phono
Outputs: 2 x RCA
Input sensitivity (Phono RIAA): 50K // 100pF
Input impedance (line inputs): 50K // 100pF
Input impedance (phono inputs): 47K // 100pF (MM), 100R // 1.5nF (MC)
Output voltage: 2.3V max. (< 0.02% THD)
Output impedance: 120 ohm
Frequency response (Line): +/- 0.1dB (10Hz – 20kHz)
+/- 3.0dB (1Hz – 100kHz)
Frequency response (Phono RIAA): +/- 1.0dB (20Hz – 20kHz)
Channel Imbalance: < 0.2dB (10Hz – 20kHz)
Total harmonic distortion (THD): Line <0.001%
Total harmonic distortion (THD): Phono <0.002%
Signal-to-noise ratio (Line): > 107dB
Signal-to-noise ratio Phono (MM) > 73dB
> 78dB(A-weighted)
Signal-to-noise ratio Phono (MC) > 68dB
> 73dB(A-weighted)
Crosstalk < 80dB (L-> R & R->L @10KHz)
Power amplifier Section:
Gain: 29dB (20Hz-20KHz)
Input Sensitivity: 840mV (Power Out = 70W into 8ohm)
Input impedance: 15K // 100pF
Rated max power output THD: < 1% 2 x 75W RMS (8 ohm) , 2 x 115W (4 ohm)
(Vmains = 230V , THD < 1%)
Peak output current: +/- 15A
Frequency response: +/- 0.1dB (10Hz – 20KHz)
+/- 3.0dB (1Hz – 100KHz)
Channel Imbalance: < 0.2dB (10Hz – 20kHz)
Total harmonic distortion (THD): <0.002% (Power Out= 50W @ 1KHz, BW = 20Hz – 20kHz)
Signal-to-noise ratio: > 107dB (BW = 20 – 20KHz )
>109dB(A-weighted BW = 20 – 20KHz)
Damping factor: >100 (8ohm Load @ 1kHz)
Inputs: 1 x RCA
Outputs: Speaker Binding Post Terminals
Dimensions: 80 x 444 x 330.3mm
Net weight: 7.8kg



Black, Silver


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